Thursday, October 6, 2011

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You may think that staged readings lack the dynamics of a fully staged production, but a staged reading – where the actors simply (no, not ‘simply’) deliver their lines – often sitting on stools without benefit of costumes, props or sets – can be extremely satisfying. That’s because you, as an audience member, have to “fill in the blanks,” which means you are totally engaged, you’re an intimate part of the performance.

A staged reading also highlight the actor’s craft – how voice, intonation and body “language” can convey a world of meaning.

If you don’t believe me, why not take in the Aglet Theatre Company’s staged reading of August Strinberg’s “Dance of Death,” on Saturday, Oct. 22.  As described in Aglet’s press release, it’s about “a marriage gone diabolic.”  Think Victorian “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”

Give it a shot – then go out for cocktails and discussion – It’s at the TriArts Sharon Playhouse – call 860-435-6928 for tickets or more information.


There’s a benefit scheduled for the Hartford Children’s Theatre on Friday, Oct. 28, that offers a lot of sizzle. Matt Cavenaugh and Jenny Powers, husband and wife, will be performing “Direct From Broadway” at the Marquee (
960 Main Street
), in the heart of Hartford.

Buy a ticket and you get a one-hour open bar and hors d’oeuvres. Rev it up with a Red Carpet Level Ticket and you get a pre-show champagne reception with the stars, plus other goodies.

Powers was last seen on Broadway as Rizzo in the revival of “Grease,” and Cavenaugh got a nod from the Outer Critics’ Circle and Drama League for his performance as “Tony” in the revival of “West Side Story.” In other words, these folks know what they are doing with regards to selling a Broadway song. Sounds like the makings of a scintillating night.

For more information or tickets, call 860-249-7970 or go to

As an a aside

For those of you interested in different takes on Broadway musical standards, you might want to check out Linda Eder’s “Broadway My Way.” Eder is a true “belter,” so listening to the whole CD in one sitting might be a bit too much, but if you dip into it you’ll find some amazing performances. Of special note is her take on “Man of La Mancha.” Listen to it and you’ll want to go out and tilt at windmills.

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