Sunday, October 9, 2011

For the Kids

There's a lot going on right now for young theatergoers.

First the irrepressible Bert Bernardi and Jimmy Johansmeyer of Pantochino Productions are staging "Cinderella Skeleton - The Musical" at Arts Hall from Oct. 21 through the 30th.

Mary Mannix as Cinderella Skeleton

For those of you who haven't seen a Bernardi/Johansmeyer production, it's always a hoot for all members of the family. Most of the productions are takes on British panto (pantomime) -- songs, buffoonery and slapstick -- with a storyline that's easy for young folks to follow. I've attended their productions in the past and the kids in the audience have always been dancing in the aisles -- they love it.

For more information or tickets you can go to

Next, Fairfield University's Quick Center will be hosting "Masked Marvels and Wondertails" at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 16.

"Masked Marvels" features Michael Cooper, who, as the Center's press release describes, "is a one-man extravaganza combining breathtaking handcrafted masks, original stories of courage and wonder, outlandish stilt dancing and a physical repertoire that ranges from the madcap to the sublime."

Michael Cooper as one of his "Marvels"

The show is sure to have young jaws dropping and eyes agape as Cooper weaves his highly visual magic.

You can call 203-254-4010 for tickets or go to

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