Monday, October 8, 2012

A Cri de Coeur From Spirit of Broadway's Bernardini

The following is an email received from Brett A. Bernardini, founding artistic director and CEO of The Spirit of Broadway:

Okay, okay, okay...I must be doing something wrong. I cannot seem to find a legit soprano leading lady (must be able to play 60's, hair and make-up can do wonders!) and a supporting male actor for one of the most powerful, haunting and moving pieces of musical theater ever created! (I have been casting this show for 2 weeks!)

I know. I know the leading lady is a demanding role vocally, but isn't it the kind of role every soprano dreams of: amazing acting challenges, incredible vocal challenges, a true "tour d'force" role? Yes, it is not musical theater in the sense of today's standards: no belting, no power numbers, no orchestra swells into a "American Idol" key change moment. However, it is a "role of a lifetime" for a legit soprano who can sing and act for 80 minutes of a 90 minute show!!!

I also know that there are not many "women over 40" looking for a challenging role anymore. But clearly, there have to be SOME!! How about woman in their 30's who are strong legit singers, have serious acting chops and are comfortable with stage makeup? Anyone???

There are only two male actors in this piece. One role has been cast with an exceptional actor, one that SBT audiences have missed over these past few years! Are there no other actors who are looking for work right now? Granted, like all the parts in this show, the vocals are very challenging. The leading lady is truly the LEAD and all others play supporting roles. This is a life-changing 90 minute musical that screams for exceptional

I am starting rehearsals tomorrow (Tuesday) at SBT. If you are interested in either of these 2 remaining roles, please contact me ASAP! These are paid positions and housing is available!!!


Brett A. Bernardini

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